Next Meeting March 19 at Bell Trace

Our March meeting will be held at Bell Trace.
We will meet, as usual, at 6:30 for a chat and snack with our agenda beginning at 7:00.  Topics and potential speaker as follows:
1.  Cycling event, May 19. We’ll have an update on the plans with ideas how you can be involved. We are talking with the recreation department about adaptive equipment and programs. There are other exciting possibilities concerning the event, and you could help!
2.  Upcoming disability roundtable meeting,  United States Department of Justice in Indianapolis. Our chapter president has been invited, and we would like your feedback as to what you see are the issues for our community of people who are blind and visually impaired.
3. Review of possible speakers for upcoming meetings and meeting space arrangements, and social activities. Bring your ideas!
This will be a good opportunity for residents at Bell Trace to come learn about what the local community of blind and visually impaired are doing and learning.  Please come out for this meeting and support your ACB chapter.  Your voice is important, as is your participation!

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