Meeting Minutes: February 17, 2020

Heartland Association of the American Council of the Blind of Indiana

Meeting Minutes 

Recorded by Ted Boardman, Secretary

Monday, February 17, 2020

Coaches Bar and Grill, Hilton Garden Inn, Bloomington, Indiana 

Present: Barbara Salisbury (president), Mary Stores, Paul Tappero, Kathy Tappero, Chris Baskins, Candice Baskins, Ted Boardman (secretary), Rhett Salisbury, Bill Fierman (treasurer), Sandy Adams, Mike Adams

1. Welcome and Introductions

Barbara Salisbury called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. and welcomed everyone. She asked for everyone to voice their names for a roll call.

We met in a private room and had excellent food service and good food from the staff.

2. Election of Officers

Barbara first asked for nominations from the floor for chapter president. Hearing none, Barbara asked for a motion to elect Ted Boardman, who had previously submitted his name for consideration to the membership. Mary Stores motioned to appoint Ted as president, and Kathy Tappero seconded. A voice vote was taken and passed.

Barbara asked for nominations for Vice President.  Kathy offered her name for consideration. Bill Fierman motioned to appoint Kathy and Mary seconded. A voice vote was taken and the motion passed.

Barbara asked for nominations for secretary, as Ted could not serve. Sandy Adams voiced her desire to serve.  Bill motioned to appoint Sandy and Mary seconded. A voice vote was taken and the motion passed.

Barbara asked for nominations for chapter representative on the ACB of Indiana board. Ted could no longer serve since he was added as a director on the ACBI board. Mary volunteered. Bill made a motion to select Mary as the chapter representative. Ted seconded. A voice vote was taken and the motion passed.

Numerous expressions of thanks and appreciation were voiced for the service of Barbara as President, Jeff Busch as Vice President, Ted as Secretary, and Bill as Treasurer. Bill said he is happy to continue to serve as Treasurer.

3. Other Business

Chris Baskins asked about potential outreach to IU.

Mary can speak to someone about getting an invitation or announcement included in some email that accepts announcements that might reach the target audience

Barbara mentioned that Sherry has two ideas for speakers.

Buchetto’s restaurant seems to have a higher than average donation percentage for a fundraiser, but the point was made we have to be the ones to encourage patronage of the restaurant in exchange for getting a percentage of the proceeds.

Chris suggested a streaming video game fundraiser.

Barbara suggested getting a speaker for the March meeting. She suggested Bosma for an upcoming meeting.

Possible speakers mentioned:

Dennis Sumland;

Tracy Rau – motivational speaker;

Dawnetta Richardson, Bosma and facilitates book club

Barbara brought up and Ted made a motion to switch our regular meetings to every other month starting in April. Barbara mentioned several typical conflicts we have had to schedule around on our current January, March, July, September, November schedule, including  Martin Luther King Day in January, the national convention in July, and the state convention in November. 

Kathy seconded the motion. A voice vote was taken and passed. 

Kathy volunteered to take donated items (big and small) to put together in packages to auction. She suggested unused gift cards could be included.

Barbara asked Ted if he had any thoughts on next steps. Ted said he wants to set up a mailing list for the chapter. He asked if there would be any individuals who would be interested in a sub-committee to plan upcoming meetings and social events so that the dates and events could be planned and publicized well in advance. Kathy, Chris and Mary said they would be interested in an event planning subcommittee. Anyone else is welcome to join an upcoming conference call at a date and time to be determined and announced in the next few weeks.

4. Adjournment

Barbara adjourned the meeting around 8:45 p.m.

Summary of Motions:

1. Ted Boardman elected as chapter president

2. Kathy Tappero elected as chapter vice-president

3. Sandy Adams elected as chapter secretary

4. Mary Stores elected as chapter representative on the ACB of Indiana board

5. Chapter regular meetings will occur every other month, starting in April.

Revision 2020-03-01: Changed summary of motions to indicate elections rather than appointments and added the chapter representative.


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