November 18 Agenda

Our November meeting is next Monday the 18th at the Monroe County Public Library. We will be in room 1C, which is downstairs.

There is a lot on our agenda to talk about, but of course, we will begin at 6:30 p.m. with time to visit and socialize. The meeting begins at 7:00 p.m.

1.        Welcome and introductions
2.       Nominations accepted for chapter president. If interested, come prepared to talk about your experience and what you will bring to the table as president
3.       Transportation update. There are critical decisions being made soon. 
A. Online scheduling and ticket purchasing mobile app;
B. Bus route proposals; 
C. Update on the Chamber of Commerce transportation event;
4.       Holiday/Christmas party? Who wants to help plan, and who wants to host?
5.       ACBI announcements, next meeting and adjourn

September 2019 Chapter Meeting

If you have a vision impairment or know of someone who does, please join us at Bucceto’s (westside) on Monday, September 2 at 5:30 p.m. for our chapter meeting. We are a local support group who have varying degrees of vision loss and are an excellent place to learn about resources. Come connect with people who “know how to live with vision loss.”

Chapter Meeting May 20, 2019

New members or interested individuals are always welcome to attend our open chapter meetings. Our May meeting is Monday, May 20th.  We will meet at Lucky’s Market at 6:30 to gather our snacks or dinner.  Our discussion items for this month are:

1:  DKM First Timers Award to attend ACB national conference—Ted

2:  Reviewing models for the National Center for Accessibility—Sherry and Mary

3:  Ride-sharing workshop, the how-tos and other questions to be answered by the experts.  Free transportation provided for the event—Barbara

4:  Show and tell.  If you have something to share about a tool or service, let Barbara know.  We’ll make time.

Please let us know if you plan to attend this coming Monday, and we will look out for you! If you have not been to the community room at Lucky’s Market, you will find it at the far back left corner of the market in a side room. You can reach out to us at info (at)


Meeting January 21 at Lucky’s

Our first meeting of 2019 is scheduled for Monday, Jan. 21 at 6:30 p.m. for a meet and greet — and eat. We will be meeting this month at Lucky’s Market located at 2424 S Walnut St, (Bloomington, IN) in the community room due to the library being closed for Martin Luther King Day. We will provide a little sweet snack, but I would encourage you to order a little something from Lucky’s deli if you wish. This will show our appreciation in giving them a little business. If you do wish to order something, please come prepared, right at 6:30 to allow time for assistance if needed.

I recently received an email listing the top eight delivery services and thought this would be a good topic for discussion, as several of us may have the first-hand experience with these services, and may wish to recommend others. This allows us to educate each other about opportunities that allow for greater independence and choice in our individual lives. I expect we might have a couple of visitors that could learn from this discussion.

Also, this meeting will be a good time to pay your annual dues of $10. What an incredible value! $10 includes membership in your local chapter, state affiliate, and national ACB organization! We try to be a place where we can learn of new opportunities, gain support and socialize with each other, and in turn, support our state and national organization in the important work they do in advocacy and convention opportunities. If you are not a member, please join us!

Lastly, we need to look ahead and discuss possible topics for our upcoming meetings for this year. So, come with some ideas, specific and general, whatever you have, bring it to the table!

— Barbara Salisbury, Chapter President

A Report on our 2019 ACB Indiana & Ohio Convention

Seven members attended the joint state ACB convention. Barbara and Rhett naturally went up early, but the rest took the Campus Shuttle to the IUPUI student center and UBER to the hotel and back to Bloomington after the conference. It worked well and was a new experience for most.
Chris and Ted joined a large group of people who toured the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. After circling the track on a tour bus, they really enjoyed checking out winning Indy race cars by getting an up-close look and feel, and asking staff questions like: “Why is the tire smooth on one side and rough on the other?” Answer: the first cars were more top-heavy, so having more friction on the part of the tire that made contact on the inside track bank kept them from flipping over.
We all found the hotel to be nicely arranged and easy to navigate. We were all on the first floor facing the atrium area. We enjoyed having breakfast in the atrium and chatting with people from Indiana and Ohio.
There was business to attend to, and we congratulate Heartland ACB member Machell Philippone who we elected for a second term on the board. During the conference on Sunday, Chris Baskins also helped facilitate a workshop with researchers from Indiana University about designing accessible payment systems.
The learning part of the convention was nicely intertwined with business and socializing. We talked with people from Ohio at the great tasting pizza mixer. Beyond the casual interactions, we also enjoyed sitting with new people at the banquet, where there were fascinating talks about what the present and future hold for the Americans With Disabilities Act, innovations in accessible transportation and an inspiring account of a gold medal-winning Paralympian. The weekend was capped by a fun and successful auction fundraiser for our state and local chapters.
With full understanding that it takes many people working hard to pull off a successful convention, we want to thank our own chapter member and President Barbara Salisbury, and her husband and chapter member Rhett, for all their hard work contributing to a great and fresh convention experience.

Learning about audiobook narration from a professional

Our chapter had a dozen turnout for our September 2018 meeting, where we Skyped in Madelyn Buzzard, a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and winner of the Alexander Scourby Award for fiction.  She shared insights into being a talking book narrator for over 1,500 titles, including how being an actor enhances her narration. People were engaged and asked good questions and hopefully have a greater appreciation for the work that goes into creating the talking books we love. We thank Marilyn for taking the time to share this experience with our chapter, as well as Sherry Wells for scheduling this speaker for us.

Sept. 24: Behind the Scenes of Talking Books

We invite anyone interested to attend our next regular meeting. In September, due to a scheduling conflict, we are meeting on the 4th Monday rather than the 3rd Monday. As a reminder, we have regular meetings every other month.

Our speaker will be Madilyn Buzzard, who is a talking book narrator. Talking book narrators are always very interesting, explaining what it is like to read a book in a way that makes it come alive. A surprising amount of effort goes into the process.

See you Monday, September 24 at 6:30 pm at the Monroe County Public Library in Bloomington!

You can contact us at and by calling (812) 269-6531.

Report on our May Social and Plans for July

We had an enjoyable social meeting in May at Avers Pizza. Over 14 people attended. We selected this venue in part because a private room allowed us to isolate our meeting from the sounds of other patrons, which was helpful for our members with hearing impairments. We also liked the pizza!

We discussed ideas for future meetings. One idea was to explore and share technologies, including potentially having workshops and demonstrations.

For our July meeting, chapter member Mary Stores will be presenting AIRA. Have you ever wanted to have a trusted and adept personal assistant? The creators of AIRA made a service that allows individuals who are blind to instantly connect with a sighted agent and receive that personalized assistance. It is like having your very own personal concierge.

The AIRA subscription service enables clients to press a button and immediately connect with trained visual assistants through audio and video. The service provides a pair of glasses that, instead of lenses, has a tiny camera mounted on the frame. Subscribers can also connect via a cell phone camera. The service also includes a cellular hotspot so there are no additional data charges. Mary will talk about the myriad of ways that AIRA helps her with her daily activities at home, work and while traveling.

Those that attend will also have the chance to interact with the AIRA agent to get a real sense of how they would use the service.

We think allowing those who are interested or curious to see and try new tools like AIRA is one way our chapter can help expand and enhance individual independence!

Please consider joining us on July 16 at 6:30 pm at the Monroe County Public Library.  We will have refreshments and would like to hear of your interest. Also, please contact us at or (812)  269-6531 if you have any questions or ideas!

Next Meeting May 21 at Avers Pizza (East)

Do you like pizza? How about a pizza buffet? Just for fun, we will be meeting to have dinner and socialize. If you prefer, you can order from the menu. We have reserved a group room on the left side as you enter the establishment. If you have never come to an event, this would be a great time to come introduce yourself and meet our resourceful members! Also, the variety of pizzas and salad bar are really good! Join us between 6 to 8 pm on May 21, 2018 at Avers Pizza on College Mall Road in Bloomington, Indiana.